Ko'olau Magic Theatre

Family Magic Show

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

   Hopefully on this page, we can help to answer  common questions regarding current polices of the Ko'olau Magic Theatre.

1.  What kind of payment do you accept for the tickets?
We accept cash and most credit cards.   Credit cards will be accepted over the phone or through the dental office up until 5pm the day of the show.

2.  Is there parking available?
Yes!  There are plenty of free parking available in the shopping center.

3.  Can audience members bring in outside food?
Yes, outside foods are allowed in the Theatre.   But we ask that all rubbish be placed in the proper trash recepticle to keep the Theatre clean.

4.  Are snacks available for purchase in the Theatre?
Yes, snacks (chips) and soda/ water are available for purchase.

5.  What is  your camera/ video policy?
No camera or video taping is allowed unless prior arrangements are made with the Ko'olau Magic Theatre staff.

6.  How far in advanced is the tickets allowed to be purchased?
Tickets can be purchased 2-3 weeks in advance at the Temple Valley Dental office.   Early purchase is suggested as shows have been sold out.

7.   Is there a restroom available for Theatre goers?
Yes, there is a restroom available for audience members only.

8.  Can we leave our cell phones on?
We kindly ask all cell phones be turned off or be put on vibrator during the show, as a courtesy to the performers and audience members.

9.  Who should come to the show?
The show is designed for the enjoyment of both adults and children, therefore a "family" show.  However, children four and under, may not have the patience to sit through a 75-90 minute show.

Come on down to purchase your tickets now for a evening of family magical entertainment that you won't want to miss!   Don't wait till show date as tickets have been sold out.  See you there........ Mahalo!!


  • "Great show for the community."
    Terrance L.
  • "What a treat for the whole family!"